Companies specializing in digital marketing are growing like mushrooms on the continent and the diaspora is not on the sidelines of this phenomenon which is revolutionizing consciousness at the business level.

The birth of the new era of digital consumption during the pandemic surged to bigger numbers, even individuals who were still tamed by the usage of digital tools found themselves urged to embrace new rituals in which digital tools are inexorable.

Digital technology is changing our relationship with consumption, and commercial prospecting methods are also evolving at breakneck speed, particularly in countries where the number of smartphones is greater than the number of inhabitants. Marketing is one of the sectors most affected by this digital transformation.

Entrepreneur, when starting a project, has to be versatil, taking care of the accounting but also the commercial aspect and even the management of human resources. Note that, the emergence of marketing with a digitalization of processes is undeniable, but we have to professionalize the quality of service for local businesses, allow them to have the right tools to measure the attractiveness of their businesses on the Net.At this rate, if the growth of companies follows the rise of digital technology, several thousand jobs can be created throughout the African continent.

The 3rd edition of African Youth Leadership Summit under the theme of Digitalization for an Africonnected is the result of a long reflection which started back in 2019, by chance it falls in a great position during the current context. You could almost say that this is a fairly simple idea given these multiple references and skills gathered in previous editions coming as a succession of interrelated themes.